Principal Investigator
Michelle L. Stock, PhD


Dr. Stock received her B.S., M.S., and Ph.D. in psychology from Iowa State University. She is interested in many areas of social and health

psychology, including: sexual behaviors, sun protection interventions,

substance use, discrimination and racial disparities in health, gender differences in health cognitions and behaviors, social comparison, perceived vulnerability, and dual-processing models. Dr. Stock teaches classes in social psychology, health psychology, health interventions, and social influence at GWU.

Dr. Stock's CV

Graduate Students
 Katarina Aubuchon, M.A.

Katarina is currently a second year doctoral student. In December 2016, she received her B.A. in Psychology and Philosophy from Furman University. Prior to attending GWU, she conducted research in a cardiology clinic at Baylor Research Institute in Temple, Texas. Her interests in social and health psychology are broad, but include the impact of social exclusion and racial discrimination on health cognitions and behaviors. She also has an increasing interest in e-cigarette use, including why young adults use e-cigarettes and how we can intervene to prevent e-cigarette use in non-smoking youth. However, her passion is in health inequalities, and how health inequalities can be mitigated through social-behavioral interventions.

                                                                                                       Aubuchon CV


Stacy Post, M.A. 

Stacy is a first year doctoral student. She received her MA in Communications from Johns Hopkins University and BA from American University. Stacy joins the doctoral program at GWU after spending time in non-profit organizations where she conducted market and user behavior research to communicate social issues. She is interested in researching how social factors affect several health behaviors, including unhealthy eating, physical inactivity, and substance use. Stacy is also interested in understanding how interventions, particularly self-compassion exercises, can buffer the impact of social exclusion and discrimination related to gender and race.

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Research Assistants
  • Sean Tajanlangit 
  • Patrick Tajanlangit
  • Tim Scranton 
  • Cristina Cestone 
  • Kathryn Sheehan
  • Luah Pagliuso 
  • Rachel Keshtgar