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Graduate Student Alumni
Charlotte Hagerman, PhD 
Postdoctoral Researcher
Drexel University Center for Weight, Eating, and Lifestyle Science
Brianne Molloy-Paolillo, PhD 
Social Science Program Coordinator
VA Boston Healthcare System
Janine Beekman, PhD

Part-Time Professor, George Washington University (website)

Laura Dwyer, PhD

Scientific Program Manager

Cape Fox Facilities Services

Behavioral Research Program

Division of Cancer Control, NCI (website)

Laurel Peterson, PhD

Assistant Professor, Psychology

Bryn Mawr College (website)

Dana Litt, PhD

Associate Professor

Department of Health Behavior and Health Systems

School of Public Health

University of North Texas Health Science Center (website)

Undergraduate Research Assistants

Years active in the lab, and Where are they Now?!


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Naiya Osiyemi, 2019-2021 

Postbac IRTA Research Fellow, National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke 

Isa Rocchiccioli, 2017-2021 

M.A., Ed.M in Mental Health Counseling Psychology at Columbia University 


Nicole Miller, 2020-2021

Research Coordinator at the WELL Center at Drexel University

Sofia Frontale, 2020-2021 

MPS Student in Clinical Psychological Science, University of Maryland 

Xinyue Wang, 2018-2019

Mikaella Boniel, 2019

Sara Glaser, 2017-2019

Field Instructor at Trails Carolina Wilderness Therapy Program


Maria Correa, 2017-2018 


Samantha Dewees​, 2017-2018​


Paula Zanotti​, 2017-2018


Saron Setotaw​, 2017-2018

Undergraduate Student at University of Wisconsin - Madison


Zachary Waldorf, 2017

HRIS Coordinator at 2U

Laura Wolter, 2016-2018

Ph.D. Student, Lehigh University 

Julia Aspelund, 2016-2017

MPH Candidate at University of Michigan

Mali Zaken, 2016

Psy.D. Student, Pace University


Mursal Mohtasebzada, 2016

Program Assistant at the FSI Department of State Leadership and Management School


Samantha Green, 2016

Intern at the Domestic Violence Intervention Project

Student at The George Washington University

Chelsea Bedford, 2016

Master's Student at The University of Denver

Apeksha Goonewardena, 2015-2016

Manager of Product Development and Data Support at Flamboyan Foundation


Megan Guresh, 2015-2016

Master of Science in Counseling, Villanova University

Yuranran (Emily) Mao, 2015-2016

Graduate Student, Columbia University


Gabrielle Oltman-Reid, 2015-2016

Volunteer at Veterans Affair Medical Center


Brooke Stearns, 2015-2016

Healthcare Account Manager at The Advisory Board Company

Julie Buchsbaum, 2015-2016

Application Support Specialist at 2U


Adaeze Okeke, 2015

MPH Student in Global Health Program Design, Monitoring and Evaluation at GWU

Lyrid Zhao, 2015

Ph.D. Student, Clinical Psychology, UCL

Jessica Stevens Walzak, 2014-2016

Works at Jawonio

Graduate Student, Criminology and Criminal Justice, Florida State University 


Nicole Butler, 2014-2016

Ph.D. Student, Clinical Psychology, Yeshiva University

Abby Lieberman, 2014-2016

Postbaccalaureate IRTA Fellow at the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism

Kasey Azar, 2014-2015

Teach for America Corps Member

Billie Katz, 2014-2015

Psy.D. Student, Ferkauf Graduate School of Psychology at Yeshiva University


Kate Kozak, 2014-2015

Ph.D. Student, Clinical Psychology, Suffolk University Boston

Sabrina Romanoff, 2013-2015

Psy.D. Student, Ferkauf Professional Clinical Psychology Program, Yeshiva University

Meghan Albal, 2014-2015

Therapist at Joseph J. Peters Institute

Samantha Chew, 2014

MS, Communication Sciences and Disorders, Columbia University

Yuhana Gidey, 2013-2014

RN at MedStar Washington Hospital Center

Tess Mulrean, 2013-2014

MSW, Clinical Social Work, Boston College

Katie Thompson, 2013-2014
Post-Baccalaureate Intramural Research Training Award Fellow (IRTA) at the Eunice Kennedy Shriver National Institute of Child Health and Human Development (NICHD)


Chelsea Leonard, 2013-2014

Marketing Director at Gypsy Circle

Tianying Li (Mia), 2013

Lara Drazin, 2013
MSW Student, University of Maryland


Alicia Williamson, 2013

Lauren Byrne, 2013

Jonathan Hirst, 2013

Au.D. Student at University of Florida

Nirav Patel, 2013

Aria Amrom, 2012-2014
MA Candidate and Research Assistant, Forensic Psychology, John Jay College of Criminal Justice

Kaitlin Riegler, 2012-2013
Research Specialist, Athletic Medicine Department, Princeton University

Maria  Cimporescu, 2012

Doctoral Student, Clincial Psychology, The George Washington University

Caitlin Figg, 2012

Tony Tang, 2012

Arianna Schatzki-Mcclain, 2012

Associate, Internal Product Management at The Advisory Board Company


Anna Garrison, 2012

Projects and Events Coordinator, Green Mountain Energy Company

Abhilasha Khurana, 2011-2014

MA, Anatomical Sciences, University at Buffalo, Buffalo, NY

Alexa Burton, 2011-2013

MS Student, Mental Health Counseling, Suffolk University Boston

Trish Michelson, 2011-2013

Au.D. Student at Vanderbilt University School of Medicine

Emily Scott, 2011-2013
Doctoral Student, Department of Social Psychology, University of Utah


Hannah During, 2011-2012

Senior Program Assistant, Institute of Medicine of the National Academy of Sciences


Brett Armour, 2011-2012

Lauren Thomas, 2011-2012

Masters in School Psychology program, Teachers College


Caitlin Rosenthal, 2011-2012

MSW, Columbia University; working at Coalition for the Homeless on their First Step job training program


Jaclyn Escudero, 2011-2012

Program Assistant, Directorate for Biological Sciences, National Science Foundation

Nana Adu-Krow, 2011-2012
Management Conslutant, Booz Allen Hamilton


Amanda G. Ruiz, 2011-2012
MD Student, New York Medical College Class of 2023

Laura Biblowitz, 2011

Registered Nurse, Acute Cardiology, NYU Langone Medical Center

Abbey Gensch, 2011

Jennifer Retig, 2011

Michelle Braslavsky, 2011

Roxy Carbonell, 2011


Jessica Sommerville, 2010-2012
Clinical Social Work Intern at McLean Hospital


Molly Brawer, 2010-2012
Psychology Extern at Montclair State University


Jennifer Perry, 2010-2011
Ph.D. Student at Tufts University


Mina Miljevic, 2010-2011

Amanda Kornreich, 2010

Laura Scuderi, 2010

Neera Nathan, 2010

Priyanka Reddy, 2010

Lee Katherine Ayer, 2010

Stefani Angiulo, 2009-2010

Tara Marcus, 2009-2010

PA Student, Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine


Jenna Gabe, 2009

Brian Kelly, 2009

Christina Guiliadis, 2009

Matthew Berler, 2009

Marcy Pomeroy, 2009

Virginia Arlt, 2009
Clinical Doctoral Student Student at Seattle Pacific University


Andrew Thal, 2009

Ilana Held, 2009

Aaron Cohen, 2009
Judicial Intern at The Honorable Steven C. Mannion, United States District Court, District of New Jersey


Elisa Cameron, 2009

Professional Development Guru helping people reach their full potential

Marissa Bialecki, 2009

Corey Coleman, 2009
Teacher at Success Academy Charter Schools

Janelle Dixon, 2008-2010

Psy.D. Student, Wright State University School of Professional Psychology

Jackie Penn, 2008-2010
Medical Student - Class of 2015 at Touro College of Osteopathic Medicine


Hannah Cohen-Blair, 2008

Jessica Adelman, 2008

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